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  1. When do Ontario Hot Air Balloons Fly?
    Ontario Hot Air Balloons fly during the calmer times of the day. These generally occur during the sunrise hours or just a few hours prior to sunset.
  2. How do you steer a hot air balloon?
    Hot Air Balloons are at the mercy of the winds. Once inflated and lifted off, the pilot will navigate varying altitudes where the wind speeds and directions vary just enough to push the balloon towards a favorable landing site. Each balloon flight is a new adventure!
  3. What should I wear for my Ontario Hot Air Balloon adventure?
    It is generally suggested to dress comfortably for the weather of the day. While it is generally a little colder at higher altitudes, the blast from the burners can help to keep you warm during the colder months. It is definitely advised that you wear closed-toe shoes as the hot air balloon is generally inflated and lands in fields.
  4. How high will I fly over Ontario during the flight?
    While hot air balloons can ascend 10's of thousands of feet in the air, generally passenger flights are done between tree level upwards to 3,000 feet. If you cross over a large enough body of water, the pilot may even take you down for a 'splash 'n dash'.
  5. How long will I be in the hot air balloon?
    You can expect the flight itself to last between 45 minutes to 1 hour while the experience as a whole can last between 3 to 3.5 hours.
  6. Who will be in the basket with me?
    Hot air balloons vary in size and scope. Some passenger balloons can hold up to 20 people while most passenger balloons are smaller in size and can carry between 4-6 passengers. We will work with you to fit your trip according to your wishes. Private hot air balloon rides will ensure a balloon with just you and your party plus the pilot.
  7. How do we get back to our cars?
    Ontario Hot Air Balloon Rides require a team effort of the pilot, plus a dedicated crew. The chase crew will be in constant communication with your pilot and will oftentimes be ahead of your balloon before landing. The chase crew will pack up the balloon upon landing and transport you and your pilot back to the original meeting area.
  8. Can we fly again?
    Ontario Hot Air Balloon Rides would love to coordinate your next adventure. With a vast and robust network of hot air balloon pilots across the United States, we can arrange a flight for you at your next vacation destination. Each flight is an adventure!

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